is an initiative that promotes openness & inclusivity. YNH is a placeholder for expression on mi_blueprints, inviting cooperators to put their name there, to mingle with and on our playgrounds. [mi product, mi philosophy and mi space].

... and mi didn't want to just do collections either ;)


NOTE: multiple identities 03/2022, edition MGOH 010 x 020

Rotterdam to Amsterdam: we never understood the rivalry - except for football:].

To manifest a very special connection we have with Rotterdam, the Netherlands and dutch design sensibilities, we invited Margreeth Olsthoorn to temporarily takeover mi space in Amsterdam, 020, Redlight.

Dedicated to all those followers of fashion mi will release a 2nd edition YOUR NAME HERE, a special edition for MGOH, on demand only!

...more expression, more progression.

NOTE: Margreeth Olsthoorn - Willem de Kooning academy Rotterdam 1993 03/2022

Margreeth Olsthoorn graduated as fashion designer in 1993 yet decided to not making 2 collections a year. Instead, She chose to use her talent in a different way: as a Store curator incorporating fashion, art, ... in a shop.

MARGREETH OLSTHOORN as a brand was born and her shop became of great importance for the city of Rotterdam, the country of the Netherlands and worldwide amongst fashion people -including Amsterdam. MARGREETH OLSTHOORN stands for high-end fashion, avant-garde, conceptual design, vision, and experience.


NOTE: multiple identities 09/2021

mid 2021 we decided to approach Boris Delta. We felt we both have something very much in common: we like to play.

Naturally, the mi_fanscarf seemed to become the best playground to express exactly that and something else.

With “YOUR NAME HERE, a custom and on demand product series blueprint of mi we are set to release 3x100 numbered A PLAY THING fanscarf sleeves.


I came up with the name APT somewhere in 2008. First it was short of A Plastic Toy. I did variations with Apt in the form of ACT; A Conrete Toy.

Some years ago I wanted to expand it. The coin dropped, and A Play Thing came to mind. (note to Its a Jazz Thing, its a New York thing, etc.)

What I like to channel into APT is the refusal to grow up, the longing for escape into Otaku culture, the inverse of growing up; not willing to take responsibility yet.

Giving the freedom to have multiple identities, mi_scarfsleeve is the best playground for any artist that likes to play. Boris Tellegen, a.k.a. DELTA does exactly that and created in collaboration with mi a three piece edition as the launch of YOUR NAME HERE, the first edition of a custom and on-demand product.

multiple identities


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