The YOUR NAME HERE master edition is made from recycled cashmere. The playful, timeless silhouettes include mi_scarfsleeve, mi_cuffsleeve and mi_haramaki. All 3 items are limited to 30 pieces each, are made on slow machines and with a lot of love in Belgium.


In playful spirit: Marnix Postma x multiple identities set the tone for a Redlight Special as it is time to embrace the joy of play once again.
For this occasion multiple identities invited local artist and photographer Marnix Postma to mi's own special playground, the mi_fanscarfsleeve [c].


Where Art Meets Fashion. Limited in quantity, this collaboration embodies the essence of Petra's unique brush and stroke. transformed into pixels, stitches, and the mi_fanscarfsleeve. This limited edition collaboration, comprising only 10 pieces, captures the essence of Petra's artistic expression: a fusion of art and fashion on this multiversal manything.


Giving the freedom to have multiple identities, mi_scarfsleeve is the best playground for any artist that likes to play. Boris Tellegen, a.k.a. DELTA does exactly that and created in collaboration with mi a three piece edition as the launch of YOUR NAME HERE, the first edition of a custom and on-demand product


Designed 20 years ago to protect a traveler’s most precious possessions, these “body-bags” offer close-to-body storage for safe-keeping of any secret goods. Made from premium leftover leathers in a small workshop in Portugal. These confidence boosters are useful components to your wardrobe.


With optional use of sleeves, mi_bomber is a transformer. It protects you, offers freedom and is thus ready to play any time, any way. From insulating to lightweight, its different versions offer multiple properties, from hiking to clubbing to simply playing your own multiple identities.


mi_coat, the “defender” is the most protective piece of mi_wardrobe. The exclusive item functions as a shelter with its flame retardant, splatter proof properties of Dutch TenCate, an A grade military fabric. Designed with the option to unleash your arms, it eases movement. mi_defender has no gender.


All of mi_products are crafted from deadstock, recycled fabrics or enduring high-performance materials. In this section you can find the real deal - True one off’s, whose fabric sources only allowed us the making of one piece.

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