To all players,
realtime defenders,

We don’t believe in fashion and the current systems of.

“A handbag is also not sewn onto a garment.
So why should sleeves be?"

We seek to challenge the status quo and find better solutions.
We aim to generate design. Good design.
We understand that design is more than just and adhere to 11 principles that lead to good design.

We believe in the cultural importance of play.
We believe we are meant to explore.
We believe in Homo Ludens and the necessity of physical interaction and play.

With multiple identities we aim to change the way we consume, express, dress and play.
We deconstruct to reconstruct.
We offer a modular, interchangeable, interlocking, simple system of “parts”, “bits” and “bobs”. Such as sleeves, bodies, parts, bags and kits as well as playable presets that allow for more than one expression.

Our mission is to [re]educate and foster individuality by creating emotional connections and experiences removed from stereotypical approaches and theories in praxis.

With the aim to generate more with less we aim for completion and completeness within every item’s incompleteness.
Because we must change to endure. Learn to improvise. Pro create to Co exist. Protect to sustain. We will be defying omnipresent stereotypes and re-define functionality, function, purpose and expression.

For the better.

multiple identities


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